Virtual Escape Room - Faceless Danger

Description of Programme

The escape of a terror network leader has gotten Adam, a journalist digging. As he investigates into the story, there is more that meets the eye as he uncovers secrets to the terror network. Using a game-based learning format, participants will work in teams of 5 to make use clues in the story to solve multiple puzzles to escape the virtual escape room before the time runs out.

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

1. Understand the importance of the role of individuals in digital defence
2. Discover complexities of regional security threats such as terrorism
3. Collaboration, communication and planning is key in achieving excellence


1.5 hrs

Session Timings

Flexible timing between 0900H to 1700H

Pricing (per participant)

Min 20 pax: $14.40


“An unconventional method of invoking thoughts regarding highly important issues.” - HQ Signals and Command Systems Manpower Branch

"It was a really fun team activity and I understand the security message behind it. It was also a great bonding activity with colleagues." - 15C4i Battalion

Terms and Conditions

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