Roots Of Multicultural Singapore

Description of Programme

The Roots of Multicultural Singapore @ Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Little India Trail allow participants to explore checkpoints showcasing Singapore’s cultural districts. These trails will enable the participants to know and understand cultural and religious practices of other races better, and the importance of multi-racialism as a key foundation of a multicultural Singapore. These trails are organised by respective precincts to allow deeper exploration of each precinct or across multiple precincts for cross-cultural appreciation of a multi-cultural Singapore. These trails will focus on economic, social and psychological components of Total Defence.

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

Economic Defence:
• The many shops and mid-rise buildings of past tycoons tell of the economic struggles of our ancestors from multiple multi-racial origins, in the three main cultural districts of Chinatown, Kampong Gelam & Little India. Clustered around the then main trading areas of Singapore River, stories along Singapore River tell of Singapore’s early vulnerabilities. And today, we continue to face stiff competitions from other countries to be a trading hub.
• Singapore’s harmony of its races, and its history as a busy free trading hub in the past and Singapore’s global standing as a trading hub today is an exemplar of Singapore’s resilience and how Singapore had successfully adapted and maintained its status over the centuries.
• Today we face the same competition from the world, and even more intense than ever before. How can we continue to strive to maintain our global standing?
• Our Singapore landscape provides a juxtaposition of heritage and modernity. We had modernised our old heritage buildings into commercial viable venue. Taking the same retrospective - we as individuals must also play a part by retraining and upgrading ourselves, and by keeping up with new technologies and new ways of doing things.

Social Defence:
• Stories are still told by our founding fathers of the difficulties early government had in managing a multi-racial community. The harmony we have today cannot be taken for granted. How could we as a nation manage this better, and avoid mistakes of the past?
• The many temples, churches and mosques along the trail shows the establishment of our nations’ main races’ efforts to establish their own cultural practices. Mutual respect, understanding and appreciation of our own and each others’ Asian cultures is crucial. This is important for social defence - By being sensitive and respectful of other races in Singapore, and learning more about their traditions, cultures, religions, and heritage, we are putting social defence into action.
• Preservation of our common heritage not only build up the Singapore identity, it gives our citizen a shared history which bond us as a nation.

Psychological Defence:
• Our various cultural districts have been touted by Singapore Tourism Board as a place for tourists. However, it’s not just for the tourism – maintaining and building up the iconic places in Singapore help build up the Singapore brand and identity.
• The history here of early pioneers who struggled against each other, and subsequently made peace to form the harmonious Singapore that we have today, are narratives to remind us to uphold the same community spirit, the will and the resilience present in our pioneers.
• Our various cultural districts are rich in heritage and many of the iconic buildings are heritage buildings slated for conservation. Successful renewal of these heritage buildings into venues for commercial activities demonstrated how we can defend our heritage with economic sustainability.
• Participants will be tasked to think what legacy of Singapore they will want to preserve and why.


1.5 hrs

Session Timings

1000 - 1130 /
1330 - 1500 /
1600 - 1730

Pricing (per participant)

$20 (For 20 to 120 pax)
$18 (For 121 to 240 pax)
$16 (For 241 pax and above)

Terms and Conditions

• Includes the design and development of the trail contents, media assets and games
• Provision of unique access code for each participant
• Based on Use your own Device concept.
• Provision of 1 facilitator per 40 pax below 45 pax or less, and a maximum of 12 facilitators to groups of 500 pax and above.
• Teleconference Zoom large meeting provisions provided. Zoom breakout rooms will be arranged

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