Remaking SG at Marina Bay

Description of Programme

This Trail along the Marina Bay will allow participants to have an immersive experience on how Singapore has continually renewed itself by transforming old structures into World Class infrastructures. The old Singapore Harbour that used to receive traders from around the world has now been transformed into a City Reservoir boasting a new financial district, classy hotels, restaurants, and hosting the visitors from around the world.

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

Economic Defence:
• The transformation of Marina Bay into one of the most iconic waterfront shows Singapore’s ability to re-invent itself and to defend its economic standing. This is evidence of Singapore’s resilience as a nation.
• Participants will be tasked to reflect on the importance of the development of the financial hub, and other development along the bay and how it has impacted our economy, the people, and Singapore on a national level.
• They will be asked to reflect on what it means for us to protect our status - and the answer is not simply through military defence, but via economic resilience and continuous effort to keep ourselves relevant in an ever-changing world. Upskilling on the individual level is necessary.

Social Defence:
• Esplanade’s goal is to make arts accessible to everyone. Through its many community initiatives, it has created opportunities for community bonding.
• The common spaces and events planned along the Bay is an aspect of urban space usage for social integration.
• The bond created amongst the underprivileged and privileges, and between local communities and immigrant groups races forms Singapore’s cohesive identity. Defending this identity leads to a resilient and proud nation.

Military Defence:
• The history of Fullerton as a military base to defend Singapore’s port in the past provides our participants a contrast of the military defence of yesteryears and our need of Total defence today.
• They will learn about how by creating economic resilience, social cohesion, being a resilient people will contribute to our military defence.
• Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade is commonly known as the place for our National Day celebration. Participants will be tasked to reflect on the importance of the annual National Day Parade for social cohesion, military defence, psychological defence, and thus as an vital mean for Total Defence.


1.5 hrs

Session Timings

1000 - 1130 /
1330 - 1500 /
1600 - 1730

Pricing (per participant)

$20 (For 20 to 120 pax)
$18 (For 121 to 240 pax)
$16 (For 241 pax and above)

Terms and Conditions

• Includes the design and development of the trail contents, media assets and games
• Provision of unique access code for each participant
• Based on Use your own Device concept.
• Provision of 1 facilitator per 40 pax below 45 pax or less, and a maximum of 12 facilitators to groups of 500 pax and above.
• Teleconference Zoom large meeting provisions provided. Zoom breakout rooms will be arranged

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