Interactive Battlefield Trail

Description of Programme

This trail allows participants to explore up to 10 WWII related landmarks and buildings in the Civic District; understand the impact of war on civilians and the consequential need for national defence.

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

Civil Defence:
• The visit to Lim Bo Seng’s memorial and his story (and others like him) is a lesson for our participants – Lim Bo Seng is a civilian who took up arms during war time to protect his country. He died a war hero and we must remember his fighting spirit and that during times of crisis, we must all do our part.
• During times of crisis or disaster, resources will be strained and we will need everyone to pitch in. If we know what to do, we can save ourselves and our loved ones, help others and ensure that life goes on as normally as possible. Learning what to do in an emergency before it happens - such as taking part in emergency exercises and attending first-aid and emergency preparedness programmes that the Singapore Civil Defence Force conducts - helps us respond more effectively in times of crisis.

Social Defence:
• The war memorials are built in honour of war heroes who came from different ethnicities, but gave up their lives to protect Singapore. These stories serve as a reminder to us- to put away our cultural, religious and individual differences, to live harmoniously and respectful of one another.
• By putting social defence in action, we can achieve social cohesion. So that in time of crisis, we will come together as one united people, to protect Singapore.

Military Defence:
• The war stories at the Cenotaph, the defeat of the British army at the Cathay and the failure in defending Singapore make our pioneer rethink military defence – that military defence alone is not sufficient.
• In today’s complex world, our defence strategy must take a more holistic approach that involve everyone.
• We need a SAF and a population of citizen that will stays committed to defending the country.
• This requires us to continue to strengthen ourselves, our community and our nation.


1.5 hrs

Session Timings

1000 - 1130 /
1330 - 1500 /
1600 - 1730

Pricing (per participant)

$20 (For 20 to 120 pax)
$18 (For 121 to 240 pax)
$16 (For 241 pax and above)

Terms and Conditions

• Includes the design and development of the trail contents, media assets and games
• Provision of unique access code for each participant
• Based on Use your own Device concept.
• Provision of 1 facilitator per 40 pax below 45 pax or less, and a maximum of 12 facilitators to groups of 500 pax and above.
• Teleconference Zoom large meeting provisions provided. Zoom breakout rooms will be arranged

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