The Merlion’s Tale

Description of Programme

How important is tourism to Singapore? “The Merlion’s Tale” takes the participants through the history of tourism in Singapore and how Singapore’s tourism plays a vital role in the economy. They will understand the evolution of Singapore as a destination, and know the major markets and the key segments like MICE, shopping, cruise, etc. even in a post-Covid-19 era and the role every Singaporean can play in this sector as part of economic and social defence. Mr C Khoo was with STB for 15 years before starting his own international tourism consultancy where he has worked in over 20 countries in the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors. He has worked as a tourism specialist for the World Bank Group and the Asian Development Bank as well as other international aid agencies.

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

Social Defence
Economic Defence
Psychological Defence


1.5 - 2 hrs

Session Timings

Units can specify their preferred start time from 8am onwards.

Evening events also possible

Pricing (per participant)

From $26.67 per participant and upwards, depending on group size.

5 tiers of group sizes

Terms and Conditions

Group Size Current Rates (S$)
up to 60 pax 1600
61 to 80 pax 2400
81 to 120 pax 3300
121 to 160 pax 4200
161 to 200 pax 5000

Events can be held either in-person or online over Zoom
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