Housing the Nation

Description of Programme

Singapore’s housing situation after the WW2 was atrocious. How did Singapore transform ‘some of the worst slums in the world’ to a model of public housing within a space of a few decades? “Housing the Nation” traces the milestones of the HDB's efforts to house our citizens in quality, well-designed and affordable housing and the evolution of the designs of our housing estates and community life. It also looks ahead to the future of housing in Singapore and the role that every serviceman plays in defending their homeland. Mr Tay K.Q. and Mr Tan K.C. were long time HDB stalwarts, serving as directors of various departments over their many years of service. They continue to serve as consultants to international projects on public housing around the world, sharing their experience and expertise on the Singapore model.

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

Social Defence
Psychological Defence


1.5 - 2 hrs

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Units can specify their preferred start time from 8am onwards.

Evening events also possible

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From $26.67 per participant and upwards, depending on group size.

5 tiers of group sizes

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up to 60 pax 1600
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