Ready & Decisive

Description of Programme

a. Singapore Historic Events - Guided tour of Permanent Exhibits Join us on a guided tour of the Permanent Exhibits Gallery, Through the Lens of Time and embark on an immersive journey from past to present. Discover new stories and perspectives about Singapore. b. Our NS Beginnings - Screening of “Blood, Sweat, Tears” Watch a short film, “Blood Sweat & Tears”, which gives a portrait of the early years of the Singapore Army through the personal accounts of Singapore Armed Forces veterans who served in the 1960s. The film depicts the difficulties they faced and the heavy responsibilities that were entrusted into their hands, becoming the cornerstone that would come to shape Singapore’s National Service and defence philosophy. c. Option 1: Black Lake Laser Battlefield (Laser Tag) Participants also get to engage in training at the Black Lake Laser Battlefield, pitting their skills against each other in teams, with scenarios testing their ability to be vigilant and resilient. Option 2: Black Lake Facility (Escape Room) Get ready for a multi-sensorial escape room adventure across 13 rooms and 4 story chapters in the Black Lake Facility. Tap on one another’s strengths in the team to solve the puzzles in order to complete the mission before time runs out. Option 3: Black Lake Laser Battlefield (Laser Tag) & Black Lake Facility (Escape Room)

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

1. Experience Singapore’s rich history and heritage and learn about how the country bounced back from past adversities
2. Understand the importance of leadership, team work and communication
3. Encourage participants to work together for a common goal
4. Reflect on their role in keeping Singapore safe


3 hrs

Session Timings

09.00 - 12.00 /
14.00 - 17.00

Pricing (per participant)

Option 1 - Min 16 pax: $16
Option 2 - Min 16 pax: $28
Option 3 - Min 16 pax: $38

Terms and Conditions

1. Reservations are subject to availability and will be on a first-come-first-served basis. A booking/confirmation notice will be sent to the unit/department for acknowledgement once the space for the specific timing is confirmed.

2. In the event that the unit/department cancels a booking less than 10 working days before the start date, or does not show up on the event date, a late cancellation fee will be incurred.

3. In the event that participants arrive later than the scheduled time, the programme will still proceed according to scheduled itinerary and end at original scheduled time. There will be no ‘make up’.

4. The programme owner reserves the right to make changes to the content, date and time of the programme, without the consent of the unit/department.

5. Programme owner shall not be liable for claims resulting from injury or any loss of personal property to the participants, which may result due to their participation in the programme.

6. The unit/department can submit a Fee Waiver Request Form for absentees who could not attend the NE programme on event day for compelling reasons (e.g. sick with MC, on compassionate leave, etc.) within 5 working days upon conducting the NE Activity. Fees will not be waived for absentees without compelling reasons.

7. Units can request for one-time amendment to the booking (eg. change in number of participants, date and/or time of tour) at no cost incurred to the unit, when the amendment is made at least 10 working days before the event.

8. Any amendment requested less than 10 working days is subject to availability. In the event that programme owner could not accede to the changes and the programme has to be cancelled, Cancellation Fees will apply.

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