Escape Fort Canning

Description of Programme

Participants will experience probably Singapore’s 1st outdoor Escape Room designed for NE learning. This activity incorporates elements of location-based technology, augmented reality and image recognition. It will challenge participants to work together as a team to solve clues and puzzles planted all over Fort Canning. They will also draw lessons of National Education and Total Defence through each point of interaction throughout the activity. Puzzles and clues will be pushed to them at selected locations around Fort Canning via a mobile app. The puzzles and clues will elicit historical facts - how Singapore and its people had always ensured its survival through the different historical eras. NE messages will be planted and elicited through the clues to the games and its AR. Participants will have to work within their team to solve the puzzles on the app using hints given and on-site information. After they decode the puzzle correctly, the next pit stop in Fort Canning will be revealed to them. During the Escape Room, participants will get to explore many interesting artefacts that can be found here, where learning points can be elicited using the mobile app.

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

Total Defence:
• Through the facts and messages unlocked during the entire Fort Canning Escape Room activity, the NE message that Singapore's survival cannot be taken for granted will be highlighted.
• Participants will be reminded through clues and notes peppered throughout the checkpoints - Our constraints will remain (e.g., small land area, lack of strategic depth, small population size, limited manpower, and small and open economy wide open to external influences). Overcoming our constraints and vulnerabilities is a constant effort. As history has shown us, Singapore has significant strengths that will help us to overcome these constraints and vulnerabilities.

Civil Defence:
• Participants will unlock historical artefacts and learn of civil defence of yesteryear and today.
• They will meet the AR soldier to understand how the army were made up of civilian volunteers of the past, and how today Singapore continued to draft civilians into its army, and why this is important.

Military Defence:
• Fort Canning has always played an important role in Singapore’s military defence. Participants will visit some key artefacts e.g. the Nine-Pund Cannon, the Fort Gate and learn about the military defence of the past.
• They will be offered a glimpse of the command centre (Battle Box) of the British and how important decisions were made at this site which led to the surrender of Singapore in 1942.
• Participants will contrast that to the Total Defence approach - why Singapore needs more than just military defence to ensure our security.
• The information unlocked along Fort Canning will inform users that Hybrid warfare is the warfare of the future. TD is the antithesis of hybrid warfare. Especially important are a strong Psychological and Social Defence.
• Participants will be tasked to reflect on what will they do and what can they do to defend Singapore, as a soldier and as a civilian.


3 - 4 hrs

Session Timings

0900 - 1300 /
1400 - 1800

Pricing (per participant)

$27 (For 20 to 120 pax)
$23 (For 121 to 240 pax)
$21 (For 241 pax and above)

Terms and Conditions

• Includes the design and development of the trail contents, media assets and games
• Provision of unique access code for each participant (including hosting of content)
• Based on BYOD concept (Bring-your-own-device). Participants are encouraged to pre-download their trail. LDR will provide access code to participants
• Provision of phones at 1:10 ratio for those who do not have a smart phone. Additional phones can be provided UPON REQUEST, at $30 per phone.
• Provision of 1 facilitator per 40 pax, below 45 pax or less, and a maximum of 12 facilitators to groups of 500 pax and above.
• Entry tickets for attractions will be purchased at current retail prices and not included above: The BattleBox
• Transport not provided.

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