Description of Programme

Interactive Adventure Trail For units who are interested in achieving NE objectives while engaging in team-building at the same time, the Interactive Adventure Trail is the ideal programme. These trails facilitate experiential learning of history through immersing the participant in a “thematic storyline”. Participants will have to work in teams to complete various tasks/missions along the way to achieve a common objective. What results from their participation is not just new knowledge provided by a guide, but a personal discovery of what it means to be Singaporean. “Through the Eyes of a Tongkang” Step into the footsteps of our forefathers, and join us on a journey of discovery, as we embark on a hunt for various historic sites along the Singapore River. Using photographs from the past, you will have to identify the location, find your way there, and complete activities that are reminiscent of the site’s original purpose. Collect all the different photographs and reveal the puzzle to the final location. Witness for yourself, the dramatic transformation of our city from a British colony to an independent city-state. Get a deeper understanding of the many government functions and the civil service through an exploration of the buildings they once resided in.

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

NE Messages
1. Singapore is our Homeland; this is where we belong
2. We must uphold meritocracy and incorruptibility
3. We have confidence in our future

TD Pillars:
1. Economic Defence
2. Civil Defence
3. Psychological Defence

Key Takeaways
• Appreciate the efforts of our forefathers and early immigrants, who have contributed to building this nation, and create a social fabric that is peaceful and harmonious.

• Get a sense of the scale of conservation efforts that have been implemented in preserving our history and heritage. Through exploring these National Monuments, relive the stories behind those walls.

• Understand the wide-ranging government functions in Singapore, and recognise the importance for every citizen to play a part in building a nation upon the values of meritocracy and incorruptibility.


3 hrs

Session Timings

Flexible timing between 0900H to 1900H

Pricing (per participant)

Minimum 20 pax
1. 20 – 40 pax: $25
2. 41 – 80 pax: $20
3. 81 – 120 pax: $18
4. > 120 pax: $16
Additional Charges
1. Optional transportation to/from starting point: $120.00 / 40-seater bus / trip

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions
• 1 x event coordinator
• Facilitators (1:25 facilitator to participant ratio)
• All logistics required for conduct of trail
• Coordinated entry into all galleries where applicable.
• Food and drinks
• Any other item not included in inclusions

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