War and Peace

Description of Programme

The purpose of war is to secure peace. The "War and Peace" tour brings the sharp contrast of the horrors of war and its suffering and the fragility of our current peacetime conditions with the fruit of Singapore’s material success. Singapore’s survival is dependent on our military in deterring aggression directed at our nation. Sites to be visited – Kranji War Memorial, MacDonald House, Civilian Memorial, Padang, Singapore River, Parliament House or Supreme Court Gallery Specific Learning Points • War is devastating on a country and its people. And Singapore is a prime target. • Kranji War Memorial brings the reality of war's devastation and the loss of lives. Participants will learn of many personal stories of lives lost and heroic deeds undertaken. • Importance of Singapore defending itself rather than relying on others. Importance of fighting spirit and resilience. • MacDonald House to show the bombing site during Konfrontasi and the effects of terrorism on local population and fragility of peace. • The Padang, Civilian Memorial and the Old City Hall are powerful symbols of post-war and post-independence development. • Singapore’s progress, well-being and the achievements of nationhood and stability, and the state organs like the House of Parliament or Supreme Court Gallery.

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

Military Defence
Social Defence
Psychological Defence


3.5 - 4 hrs

Session Timings

Morning Tour
9am to 1pm
Afternoon Tour
1pm to 5pm

Pricing (per participant)

$40 per participant

Terms and Conditions

Minimum 20 participants
Bookings accepted only in multiples of 20 pax
Two-way transportation included
Please read "Tours Terms and Conditions"

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