Looking Back, Looking Forward

Description of Programme

The Fall of Singapore was an important event to the British Empire, as a crucial sea port protecting British interests in the region. The "Looking Back, Looking Forward" tour recounts the events leading to the fall of Singapore, the incarceration of POWs at Changi, and the resistance efforts of the soldiers. The tour also looks forward to the role of Singapore as an important air and sea hub with its air and sea port facilities. Sites to be visited – Labrador Park, Changi Chapel/Museum, drive by Selarang Barracks, Johore Battery, Changi Beach Specific Learning Points • The static defences at Labrador Park facing the south are testament to the importance of planning and preparedness for war. • Importance of renovated Changi Museum to honour the memory of those who fought and struggled. • Changi Beach commemoration for the fallen. Seaside memorial event to honour the actions of servicemen who died during WW2 and its aftermath. Recount the example of Cpl Breavington and Selarang Barracks event to illustrate difficult conditions • Visit to Johore Battery – failure of planners to anticipate the landward attack • Singapore still has a very key role as an air and sea hub. Recount partnerships and achievements for air, airport, sea, seaport. Keeping channels open requires a committed military to protect and defend

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

Military Defence
Economic Defence


3.5 - 4 hrs

Session Timings

Morning Tour
9am to 1pm
Afternoon Tour
1pm to 5pm

Pricing (per participant)

$40 per participant

Terms and Conditions

Minimum 20 participants
Bookings accepted only in multiples of 20 pax
Two-way transportation included
Please read "Tours Terms and Conditions"

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