From Foxholes to Keyboards

Description of Programme

The "From Foxholes to Keyboard" tour is a look at the evolution of defensive measures in Singapore from the past (pre-Raffles piracy, WW2 defensive emplacements), the introduction of ciphers, code breakers and communications security to the present (5+1 Pillars of Total Defence), Singapore’s 4G Army and looking into the future (Digital Defence). Appreciating the role of city planning in preserving social harmony. Visually impactful and meaningful in terms of understanding the changing nature of defence in the Singapore context. Sites to be visited – Labrador Park, Central Business District and URA City Gallery Specific Learning Points • The Labrador Park and the Fort Labrador fortifications, was part of the naval base to project power / defend assets in the Far East for the British Empire, illustrating the importance of sea and maritime trade to Singapore since time immemorial • Structure of Singapore’s economy and the importance of the financial sector in the central business district. Cyber security and vulnerability to digital attacks • City Gallery showcases the basis of Singapore’s success is its long-term planning and the need for innovation to overcome challenges. Also includes a new segment on Smart City and Digital Defence • Evolution of defence and the role of the SAF

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

Military Defence
Digital Defence
Social Defence


3.5 - 4 hrs

Session Timings

Morning Tour
9am to 1pm
Afternoon Tour
1pm to 5pm

Pricing (per participant)

$40 per participant

Terms and Conditions

Minimum 20 participants
Bookings accepted only in multiples of 20 pax
Two-way transportation included
Please read "Tours Terms and Conditions"

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