Diverse Devotions, One People

Description of Programme

Religious diversity and racial harmony are two key tenets of modern Singapore, allowing her to survive and thrive despite seemingly insurmountable odds. The "Diverse Devotions, One People" tour explores the rich diverse heritage of Singapore’s immigrants and instances of racial unrest and riots in Singapore. It examines the role of religion in history’s conflicts and how today’s terrorist threats are rooted in religious intolerance. Itinerary – URA City Gallery, Telok Ayer Street places of worship (Masjid Al Abrar, Thian Hock Keng Temple, Fairfield Methodist Church, Nagore Dargah) Specific Learning Points • Recognition of Singapore’s inherent weakness, its small and limited size. Challenges in meeting conflicting needs due to space limitations. Need for planning in Singapore. • City Gallery showcases the basis of Singapore’s success is its long-term planning and the need for innovation to overcome challenges. Includes a new segment on Smart City and Digital Defence. • Singapore as a melting pot of diverse races, religions and cultures, yet coming together as one people. • Religion is often the cause of wars throughout the centuries. Religious diversity and tolerance in Singapore. • Opportunity to visit at least 2 places of worship along Telok Ayer Street, actively promoting religious understanding.

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

Social Defence
Psychological Defence
Digital Defence


3.5 - 4 hrs

Session Timings

Morning Tour
9am to 1pm
Afternoon Tour
1pm to 5pm

Pricing (per participant)

$40 per participant

Terms and Conditions

Minimum 20 participants
Bookings accepted only in multiples of 20 pax
Two-way transportation included
Please read "Tours Terms and Conditions"

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