Description of Programme

“Tracing the Attack” Eight. The number of days that the Imperial Japanese Army took to successfully force the impregnable fortress of Singapore to the surrender table. Considering the disparity in number of troops and resources available as compared to the Allied commanders, this was a remarkable feat. How was this achieved? What was the strategy? Where were the key battles that decided the campaign? In an attempt to understand the success of the Japanese, as well as the failure of the Allied Forces, we will re-trace the route of attack, re-live the battle, and at the end remember the impact of the 2nd World War in Singapore. At the end of the trail, we aim to have provided an in-depth study into the Battle for Singapore. For all participants to understand the nuances behind decision-making at the command level, to recognize the importance of troop motivation, and to appreciate the complexities of war. Sites to Cover • Sarimbun Beach Landing Site (Landing Site and Troop Distribution) • Former Ford Factory (Capture of Infrastructure) • Pasir Panjang Ridge (The Last Stand) • Fort Canning Hill (The Surrender) • Civilian War Memorial (The Occupation)

Learning Objective / Total Defence Pillars

NE Messages
1. No one owes Singapore a living
2. We must ourselves defend Singapore

TD Pillars:
1. Military Defence

Key Takeaways
• Visit key battle sites and witness how the landscape of Singapore shaped the conduct of the battle. Analyse the plans and troop composition of both forces. Learn about the various strategic assumptions that were made, and the rationale for specific troop placement in the Battle for Singapore.

• Learn about the key factors that led to a series of poor decisions made by the Allied Forces and contemplate what might have been if the dominos simply fell the other way.

• Hear the stories of local heroes. Appreciate their sacrifice and their commitment towards the defence of Singapore.


4 hrs

Session Timings

Flexible timing between 0900H to 1900H

Pricing (per participant)

Minimum 20 pax
1. 20 - 25 pax: $40
2. 26 - 30 pax: $35
3. 31 - 35 pax: $30
4. 36 - 45 pax: $25
Additional Charges
1. Optional transportation to/from starting point: $120.00 / 40-seater bus / trip

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions
• 1 x STB Licensed Guide
• All transportation for the duration of the tour
• Coordinated entry into all galleries where applicable.
• Food and drinks
• Any other item not included in inclusions

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