Gameplay for Schools

Anti -Terrorism Track

Programme Synopsis

A bomb has been planted by terrorists! Can you defuse the bomb? Learn the concepts of terrorism and its implications on our society today. Take on the role of counter-terrorism forces in a thrilling scenario-based gameplay and prevent a bomb blast from happening. Our challenging arena will also test your will and commitment to complete the missions.

Learning Objectives

  • To introduce the concept of anti-terrorism

  • To educate players not to take peace and security for granted

  • To remind players about the importance of vigilance and playing a part to defend Singapore

  • To appreciate that our defence is credible only if everyone is committed

Discovery Experience

  • Classroom-based lessons on anti-terrorism

  • Team-based games

  • Paintball activity

Teambuilding Track


Programme Synopsis 

Experience what it is like to be in a shootout! Gear up and battle against each other in a fast-paced, strategic paintball gameplay. Challenge your team and capture the flags before the opponent does. With the aid of facilitation, you will also discover the importance of leadership, teamwork and communication. 

Learning Objectives 

  • To highlight the importance of communication and working in teams 

  • To encourage both team and individual development and improvement 

  • To encourage pupils to work together for a common goal 

Discovery Experience 

  • Team Building 

  • Team-based games 

  • Paintball activity

Additional Information


Group Size 

  • 24 players (minimum) – 40 players (maximum) 

  • The class will be separated into 2 groups of 2 teams each. (Total of 4 teams) 

  • Each group will play 2 rounds of paintball. 

  • Only 2 teams are allowed to play during each game. (Each team consists of 8 – 10 players) 

  • Facilitation will be provided in this programme. 


2.5 hours (inclusive of break) 

Suitable For 

Upper Secondary and above 

Players must be 14 years old and above, accurate to their birth date and year on the day of the paintball session. Players aged 14 to 17 must have our waiver form  signed by a parent or a guardian and submitted to us via email or fax before proceeding for gameplay on the actual day.

School Packages

For enquiries and bookings, please contact:
North and West Zone Ariel Ong (Ms), Asst. Account Manager HP: 9362 9675 EMAIL: [email protected]

South and East Zone Rick Lee (Mr), Asst. Account Manager HP: 9693 4955 EMAIL: [email protected] 

West Zone / Junior Colleges / Centralised Institutes / Tertiary Institutes Remus Sng Tee Kiat (Mr), Asst. Account Manager HP: 9880 3710 EMAIL: [email protected] 
Edwin Cheu (Mr), Senior Account Manager HP: 9863 3133 EMAIL: [email protected] 

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