Our Arena, Weapons & Your Safety 

Our Arena

Crossfire Paintball is the first multi-tiered paintball field in Singapore that offers players a unique experience. Replicating the harsh natural terrains and battle sites, the multi-tiered arena is complemented by obstacles of various shapes and sizes such as bunkers, drums and barricades, guaranteeing players a fun and challenging game. Conserving as much of its natural terrain & environment as possible, Crossfire Paintball is designed for Scenario Play.

Our Facilities

Briefing Area
Before the game, our instructors will guide you through the gameplay and safety rules at the briefing area, overlooks the paintball arena.

Shower Room
Showering facilities are available to all paintball players at no extra charge.

*No toiletries provided

Viewing Gallery
The Crossfire Paintball Arena boasts a 150 seat Spectator Stand that provides spectators and team supporters an unrestricted view of the arena and gameplay.

Weapons & Protection

Paintball Marker
The Tippman Bravo One is the workhorse of Scenario Markers. Modelled after the M4 carbine and powered by CO2, its sturdy and durable construction can withstand the harsh environment of Scenario Plays and its accuracy offers players endless excitement.

Paintball Mask
Designed to withstand the impact of a paintball shot, the Mask is designed specially to protect the player’s face and eyes. The Mask is the most important piece of equipment in any paintball field.

Protective Vest
An exact replica of the Kevlar Vest worn by soldiers, our Protective Vest makes even the most amateur player look professional.

Crossfire Paintball uses only the best paints in the market. Tournament grade paints are more accurate, break on impact and are environmentally friendly as they are fully biodegradable. The paints are water soluble and can be washed off easily.

Your Safety

It is compulsory to wear the Paintball Mask at all times when you are inside the paintball arena. Goggles, glasses, or any other eye protection designed for other sports WILL NOT protect your face from the paintball shots.

Long sleeved tops and long pants are recommended for gameplay. It is compulsory for all players to wear covered shoes with good traction. Players in slippers/slip-ons or sandals will not be allowed inside the arena. Crossfire Paintball reserves the right to reject guest(s) without proper footwear and attire. Players are encouraged to bring an additional set of clothes to change into after the game ends.

Follow all safety procedures closely and always ensure that you have your Protective Mask and Protective Vest on at all times when you are in the paintball arena.

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