Crossfire Paintball

Battle it out with your friends at Singapore’s first multi-tiered Paintball arena!

Crossfire Paintball

Crossfire Paintball at Singapore Discovery Centre is Singapore’s ONLY Multi-tiered Paintball Arena! Come on down for a game at Singapore Discovery Centre’s Crossfire Paintball where you will hear the hiss of the paintballs and feel the sting of the paintballs hitting you. Get ready for fun as you have never experienced it before!

*By law, all players must be 18 years of age and above and each player will have to submit an endorsed waiver form to our Paintball Facilitators on the actual game day. Minors aged 14 to 17 can still participate in the game if the waiver form is signed by their parent/guardian, and submitted to us on the actual game day. 

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Lane Shooting

Duration: Approximately 15 mins
Cost: $12 per pax (30 paints)

“Aim, Squeeze and Fire!” at targets at Singapore’s first multi-tiered Paintball arena. Suitable for individuals or groups who are keen to learn about the basics of handling a paintball marker. The objective of the game is to engage the target placed in the arena.

Weekends, School Holidays & Public Holidays

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Crossfire Paintball – Team Play

Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Cost: $180 per group (500 paints/session)
Pax: Up to 8 pax
Session 1: 1000-1100
Session 2: 1130-1230
Session 3: 1630-1730

Round 1: Capture the Flag
Two flags of different colours, representing each team, are placed on each side of the field. The first player that manages to capture his own coloured flag and bring it back to base without getting shot will claim victory for his team.

Round 2: Elimination
The objective of the game is to eliminate every player from the opposing team. Players that are tagged are immediately out of the game. The last team standing will claim victory.

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Gameplay for Schools:
Anti -Terrorism Track

 A bomb has been planted by terrorists! Can you defuse the bomb? Learn the concepts of terrorism and its implications on our society today. Take on the role of counter-terrorism forces in a thrilling scenario-based gameplay and prevent a bomb blast from happening. Our challenging arena will also test your will and commitment to complete the missions.

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Gameplay for Schools:
Teambuilding Track

Experience what it is like to be in a shootout! Gear up and battle against each other in a fast-paced, strategic paintball gameplay. Challenge your team and capture the flags before the opponent does. With the aid of facilitation, you will also discover the importance of leadership, teamwork and communication. 

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