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  • Discovery Race
    Explore and learn National Education in a fun and engaging way through the Discovery Race Series. Using the race format that is similar to the Amazing Race, students will be able to exercise self–directed learning as well as teamwork in searching for answers and overcoming team challenges in the Permanent Exhibits Gallery of S’pore Discovery Centre. Find out more.
  • Crossfire Paintball
    Students will learn the importance of teamwork and strategy by engaging in friendly paintball matches against each other’s teams. Skills such as communication and cooperation will be highlighted as teams compete to achieve a common goal.
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    Discovery Booklet 2016
    Get a copy of the Discovery Booklet to find out more about the programmes and events for both students and educators! Click here to download.
  • (4) Assembly Roadshow_RHND
    OUTREACH Programmes
    Interested in Assembly roadshows and outdoor trails? Click here to find out more.
  • Industry Exposure Workshop 2-min
    Industry Based Programmes
    Ever wondered what goes on behind the workings of an attraction? Now students can go behind the scenes and learn all about the challenges and work that go on into creating a wonderful experience for vistors.
  • Economic Transformation 1-min
    Economics Based Programme
    Analyse the reasons behind Singapore’s growth to become one of the ecoomic powerhouses in the region.
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